Tooth out?

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Had a tooth removed and are unsure what to do?

At Bayswater Dental we recommend the following as the best way to ensure you heal with the least problems.

Following removal of your tooth, or teeth, you should have been given some sterile packs to take home with you to help stop the bleeding. We recommend that you continue to bite on the original gauze pack for the first half an hour after having had the tooth pulled with a steady pressure. After half an hour change it for one of the spare gauze pads you should have been given and bite on that gauze pad for a further half hour before changing it for a third gauze pad. If you are still bleeding and you have run out of spare packs, then roll up some clean cotton wool and place that over the wound and bite for a further half an hour.

If bleeding persists beyond three hours you should call the dental practice where the tooth was removed without delay.

We also recommend that when you go to bed on the evening of the day you had the tooth removed that you put two pillows on the bed when you go to sleep so that your head is raised above your feet. This will help reduce the chance of bleeding overnight.

We also recommend that you not rinse out your mouth for the rest of the day after having had the tooth pulled, but, from the following day, rinse your mouth out with lukewarm salty water approximately every four hours and do so for the next week. (Add a heaped teaspoon of salt to a 7 ounce glass of warm water for when you do this)

It is best not to drink alcohol for the first three days after having had a tooth pulled because you run the risk of prologing the bleeding.

As difficult as smokers will find this, we recommend that you do not smoke cigarettes for the first three days after the tooth has been pulled (and preferably until the wound has healed) because it will interfere with the healing process and you will run the risk of the wound breaking down and the exposed bone dying. If this happens you will experience a lot of intense pain and it will take a long time to heal.

A common question we get asked is, “What can I eat after having a tooth out?”

For the first few days it will be best to eat lukewarm soft food such as grilled fish, pasta or omelette. We have also found that it is advantageous to take large doses of vitamin C to enhance the healing rate. We recommend that adults take 1000 mg of Vitamin C in the morning and 1000 mg of Vitamin C at night for the first two weeks after having had a tooth pulled.

Finally, if anything does not seem quite right following the removal of your tooth/teeth, ALWAYS call the dental surgery where the tooth was removed. You will not be wasting their time. They cannot help you if they do not know you are still experiencing problems.