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Ah, Testimonials.

Have you ever seen a bad one put on advertising as a means of attracting customers, clients or patients?

No? Neither have I, which is why I’ve never bothered with them in over thirty years.

Surely only the truly gullible would choose to attend “Dr. Jones” for their dental care because of a marketing statement quoting a “Ms. L. S.” of Toorak saying that “Dr. Jones” is the best dentist in Melbourne?

Under the National Law, however, the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency expressly forbids the use of testimonials in marketing by dentists, amongst others, so there must be official apprehension that some people may be swayed by such statements.

Rather than anonymous, or even non-anonymous, published testimonials, over the years I have relied upon happy patients telling their family and friends about us, and the services we provide, without any request from us to do so in order to grow our dental practice.

It may not be the fastest way to grow a dental practice but, to me, it is the best way.

The only testimonials which matter are those sincerely given to family and friends telling them how happy they are with us without any prompting by us.

If you don’t know anyone who is one of our existing patients then please take up our New Patient Offer listed on another page of this web site to experience the difference yourself.

If, for any reason, you are not happy with the standard of care you receive from us then we ask that you tell us and tell us why. Negative feedback is even more important to us than being told how good we are, so we appreciate all feedback.

Call Lisa now on (03) 9720 1719 and book an appointment with us to find out for yourself why we have had a new patient as often as every day of the month come to see us for the first time because one of their friends or family members has gone out of their way to recommend us to them and tell them how happy they are to receive dental care from us.

No marketing testimonials at our prompting whatsoever.

It is pleasing to know that so many of our existing patients are happy enough with us that they go away and tell that many of their family and friends to come and see us that we get as many as TWENTY THREE new patients, each month, every month of the year book in solely as a result of that recommendation.

When you think of the much larger number of existing patients who must recommend us to their family and friends in order for us to achieve those numbers of new patients each month, that is the only truly genuine testimonial as far as we’re concerned.