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Les, with the assistance of Lisa, Ruby and Jessica, provide their patients with a comprehensive range of dental care. They can perform in house quite a number of procedures which other dentists often refer out to specialists leaving their patients to incur higher costs as well as time delays in receiving needed treatment. If you’ve been referred to a dental specialist by your own dentist call us  and book in for a second opinion. Les may be able to help you faster and save you money as well.

Fillings, some simple, a lot very complex

No-one likes black or grey metal fillings, including us. Les places only tooth coloured fillings here at Bayswater Dental using a range of dental products from around the world. Each of these dental materials has been selected as being the best available world-wide in their category.

Les has been able to show his staff tooth coloured fillings which look virtually unchanged since he placed them 25 years ago in the mouths of those of his patients from his old practice who have sought him out via the internet and have driven all the way over to Bayswater to continue seeing him for their dental care.

Remove teeth

We are in the business of saving teeth for people not just removing them. However, sometimes there is no alternative when you have a badly fractured tooth or an impacted wisdom tooth. Occasionally we have to refer a patient to one of the specialists on our panel but most times even a complex surgical removal can be done in our surgery in Bayswater.

Replace missing teeth

If you have a missing tooth, or several missing teeth, then there are several ways of giving you a full set of teeth to smile and eat with. There are many ways of doing so including implants, fixed bridges and partial or full dentures.

At your consultation we will discuss with you the various options available to you and advise on what we think is the best for you. We will also give you a cost estimate for each option so that there are no nasty surprises and then give you as much time as you wish, whether it be days, weeks or months to decide which choice you wish to make.

Straighten crooked teeth, even out crowded teeth and close gaps between teeth

You have healthy teeth, but are unhappy with your smile because you have crooked teeth, maybe crowded teeth or even have big gaps between your teeth? We can help you too.

We are able to give you a great smile in a relatively short period of time compared to traditional orthodontics using the Powerprox Six Month Braces® technique. If you have uneven gum lines or teeth which stick out then we can still give you a great smile in a reasonably short period of time. All at a much lower cost and a far shorter treatment time than a traditional two year course of treatment by a specialist. Quite often we are able to achieve the smile our patients want in as little as 9 to 12 weeks of treatment time.

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Treat sleep apnoea

If you snore a lot or suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) then we can help overcome it for you. Usually we take patients for treatment of OSA on referral from their GP or else from a Sleep or Respiratory Specialist but we can arrange for sleep studies to be done for you ourselves and then provide any required treatment in conjunction with your doctors. Simply call Lisa to make an appointment for a consultation with us and we can arrange everything else from there.

Dental work which other practices often routinely refer to specialists

  • Endodontic treatment (root canal fillings) including on the back teeth
  • Oral surgery, including surgical removal of badly broken down teeth, and removal of impacted wisdom teeth
  • Periodontal care (for those patients with bad gums) including root planing

So if you have been referred to a specialist by your own dentist and want a second opinion as to whether you can be properly treated by a non-specialist then please call us to arrange a FREE honest second opinion. We may well confirm that you do, indeed, need a specialist but we may also be able to offer an alternative. Remember we, too, use specialists from time to time, the names of whom are listed here, so if you need a specialist we will frankly tell you.

Dental work prevention

As odd as it may seem, we even enjoy reducing our future workload. You see, our dental care is not just limited to solving your problems. We place a strong emphasis on preventive dental care so that you have better, healthier and stronger teeth for as long as possible and reduce your need for dental work in the future. Regular dental cleanings, check ups and fluoride applications together with advice on oral hygiene is the mainstay of better oral and thus general health.