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Snoring is often the butt of jokes, yet much more often it is the source of major marital annoyance.

Over the years there have been many attempts to profit from selling snoring ‘remedies’ most of which are either not effective or else not recommended by sleep physicians.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the consumer watchdog, even saw fit to take action when misleading claims were made by one manufacturer barely six years ago.

What can be done ?

Surgery is one treatment, but rather drastic and rarely carried out as the results are unpredictable and the side effects can be quite significant.

Various medications have been marketed including a spray on mousse, enzyme supplements, nasal sprays and drops, even an injectable treatment designed to create scar tissue in the soft palate in an attempt to harden and stabilize the soft tissue.

Some medications are effective if the cause of the snoring is only temporary and treatable.

Lifestyle modifications are beneficial and include weight loss, often easier said than done, avoidance of alcohol, and sleeping on the side rather than the back.

What is reliable ?

There are only two reliable and established treatments for snoring which are recommended by respiratory physicians and sleep medicine specialists.


The first is purchasing, and using, a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine which is basically an electric air pump connected to a facemask using straps which go around the back of the wearer’s head to hold it in place.

The cost of the better types of these machines, though, can go as high as $7,500.


The second method, and a much less expensive way of treating your snoring (or your partner’s snoring) is by contacting our professionals at Bayswater Dental who, in conjunction with a respiratory physician, will assess your condition and, in most cases, make an individually customised adjustable dental sleep appliance.

There are various types, generically called Mandibular Advancement Splints (or MAS for short), and their effectiveness varies, but…

Studies have shown the type of MAS appliance we make for you has a success rate of over 95% in treating snoring.

It is also a recognised, and proven, comfortable treatment for obstructive sleep apnoea.

To book an appointment with our professionals for a consultation with regard to treatment for your, or your partner’s, snoring then please call Lisa on (03) 9720 1719.

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